Understanding Islam

Important facts

  • There are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide
  • The top 5 most populated countries include Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria
  • The Asia Pacific region hosts 62% of the Muslim population
  • Mohammad is the prophet of the religion, he is not worshipped and the Qaran doesn’t state in a single verse to worship him
  • The hijab originated from Persia, and is not mentioned in the Qaran
  • God can not be incarnate or represented in human form
  • Allah is the Arabic word for god
  • Only 20% of Muslims live in the middle east
  • Islam means “Peace” or “Surrender”

What If Life is A Simulation

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Is reality science fiction? Is reality an alternate reality to the reality we perceive? What we call reality may not be reality because there could be a mystery that exists to explain our true reality. Is there a higher power? An invisible and divine force seeping through everything, everywhere and in any form with intent? Or a watchful set of eyes from above?

The world is interesting, it seems a lot of things happen for a reason and life is very fitting in a lot of ways. As humans we have a physiological makeup that is a perfect design for this life. Five senses, complex organs, limbs and brains etc. Pretty much everything we need for this life. Animals are also designed in such a way, some have shells for protection, some have a big set of razor sharp teeth to hunt and others can camouflage for survival. This is all very fitting. Once we learn about how everything works it all makes sense. We have a highly integrated world. Billions of humans roaming the Earth in free will. The greatest challenge humans face in life is co-existing.

We are each given a body to live inside of and it is up to us to journey through life the best way we know how. The world is amazing. Why is it so hard to stop and think how truly blessed we are to live this life. We can think of it as a game. And this game is fun to play. We have endless ways we can choose to live. We face many challenges through life, but that is the purpose. Why not be curious to learn more about the world? Why are we not constantly in awe. We have people from all walks of life and eras of life. There is so much to learn and that is the fun part. We can learn from others, we can learn from ourselves, we can learn from history and we can use our imaginations to visualise the future.

It seems like a simulation. There are endless possibilities. We are advancing so far with technology at an astonishing rate that we can already create simulations. So how far can this go? Artificial intelligence is already happening in the world. The foundation has been laid out. We already have such a strong technological blueprint, mix that with innovative thinking and collective imaginary brilliance. The possibilities are endless. We will get so far with technology creating proper clones or customised templates of humans and animals will not be out of the question. That is if we figure out a way to survive together long enough. So what if we create people, create animals and other life forms with the potential to reproduce like we do? Right now we can build robots, we have manipulated the DNA of animals in cloning and manipulating biology in a way that recovered fossils can be brought to life with enough bone marrow. What if we learn to bring back our primitive ancestors. Find a planet for them to live on and watch evolution happen all over again. We have enough history on evolution to understand the progressions, so what if we were in control? Like a Hollywood set, with enough props, scheming and resources of any kind we can bring this idea to life on another planet and call it another one of our simulations. What if all this is happening to us right now, and we are mere clones with our creators on another planet, observing our free will as a human species and watching us evolve.



Everything you need to know about Modafinil

Having researched the shit out of this ‘wonder drug’, ‘smart drug’, ‘limitless pill’ and everything else the internet likes to hype it as, i will present to you my unbiased, non-placebo affected and carefully examined experience with this drug.

I will start with a brief background on what the drug is used for and how it works, i will keep it brief and limit all the ‘sciency’ shit because this is not a research report. Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent that treats disorders such as narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness and ADHD sufferers with really shitty concentration. It is known to increases the uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine which in turn improves focus,  enhances motivation and eliminates fatigue, tiredness and the need for sleep.  It sounds very similar to amphetimines right?? It also has that strong appeal to university students looking for better alternatives to caffeine overdose and stealing the ADHD pills off siblings. In actual fact it is a different beast, while the benefits are similar it reacts much differently with the brain. It is not a direct stimulant but produces stimulant like effects.  I read a very detailed research report on this beast that concluded studies provided further evidence that modafinil’s stimulant properties are the result of enhanced whole brain function rather than localised neural excitation (e.g Amphetamines, Cocaine, Meth etc). There is also very little potential for abuse, no comedown, very few side effects if any which are mild (dry mouth, slight loss of appetite, anxiousness if overstimulated) and sometimes none. The effects are very long lasting with peak performance for 2-3 hours and works for 10-12 hours.

I bought this drug online from an Indian Pharmacy which sounds shady as fuck but life is only worth living on the edge right? I only found very favourable reviews and multiple blog posts on reddit confirmed it to be legit, which was good enough for me. I don’t know why I’m justifying myself here. But just listen. This stuff is legit! When i first started using it i got hooked on the rush pretty quickly, i took it frequently because it made me feel like a supreme being. Whether i was at work, at the gym or doing chores around the house. It doesn’t matter what task i was doing, i felt like i was able to completely focus on any given task with no lapses in concentration, paying lots of attention to detail and feeling motivated to do whatever it is to the best of my ability. I haven’t been able to take a single nap or fall asleep on this drug, so it obviously works best to take in the morning and plough through the whole day with ease.

I don’t take it too often now, but i will use it on my days off when i have lots of chores and tasks to complete, it also boosts my creativity and allows me to do lots of writing without writers block. I can work on tasks i dont normally enjoy doing, and be in such a good state that i can do anything i set my mind to on any given day. It hasn’t been all roses unfortunately, i have made a stupid decision to take two before work once and i was properly pinging off my head which was very hard to contain. So i know not to do that. The one pill is very powerful already, i know now not to fuck with it and that even half of that dosage would still be very useful. Another mistake i have made is taking a pill mid-afternoon and not being able to get to sleep until 6am. Also when i have taken this drug when i am already in a state of nervousness or when i am very sleep deprived it absolutely amplifies the effects of anxiety. I was using this drug every day but it started to interfere with my ability to sleep, probably because it was staying in my system too long so i know now it works best when i take it occasionally and not in consecutive days i cycle on and off. This allows me not to rely on the drug and i know i can get through life perfectly without it, but i only take it when i want to get a boost and it does exactly that. I have always been interested in the potential for bio-hacking and that it is essentially the way of the future. Today it is perfectly normal in society for any form of enhancement physically or mentally. People always want to improve the way they look and the way they feel, and we have incredible technology that allows for that. People can change genders, completely whiten their teeth, hair treatments, steroids in body building and many many drugs people rely on to get through life whether it be painkillers, aspirin, anti biotics, mental health or whatever there are hundreds of thousands of drugs out there that can all affect the brain in different ways. So it is fascinating to look into the potential finding drugs that can significantly improve your desired brain function that works without all the drawbacks and addictions which are so common.