What If Life is A Simulation

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Is reality science fiction? Is reality an alternate reality to the reality we perceive? What we call reality may not be reality because there could be a mystery that exists to explain our true reality. Is there a higher power? An invisible and divine force seeping through everything, everywhere and in any form with intent? Or a watchful set of eyes from above?

The world is interesting, it seems a lot of things happen for a reason and life is very fitting in a lot of ways. As humans we have a physiological makeup that is a perfect design for this life. Five senses, complex organs, limbs and brains etc. Pretty much everything we need for this life. Animals are also designed in such a way, some have shells for protection, some have a big set of razor sharp teeth to hunt and others can camouflage for survival. This is all very fitting. Once we learn about how everything works it all makes sense. We have a highly integrated world. Billions of humans roaming the Earth in free will. The greatest challenge humans face in life is co-existing.

We are each given a body to live inside of and it is up to us to journey through life the best way we know how. The world is amazing. Why is it so hard to stop and think how truly blessed we are to live this life. We can think of it as a game. And this game is fun to play. We have endless ways we can choose to live. We face many challenges through life, but that is the purpose. Why not be curious to learn more about the world? Why are we not constantly in awe. We have people from all walks of life and eras of life. There is so much to learn and that is the fun part. We can learn from others, we can learn from ourselves, we can learn from history and we can use our imaginations to visualise the future.

It seems like a simulation. There are endless possibilities. We are advancing so far with technology at an astonishing rate that we can already create simulations. So how far can this go? Artificial intelligence is already happening in the world. The foundation has been laid out. We already have such a strong technological blueprint, mix that with innovative thinking and collective imaginary brilliance. The possibilities are endless. We will get so far with technology creating proper clones or customised templates of humans and animals will not be out of the question. That is if we figure out a way to survive together long enough. So what if we create people, create animals and other life forms with the potential to reproduce like we do? Right now we can build robots, we have manipulated the DNA of animals in cloning and manipulating biology in a way that recovered fossils can be brought to life with enough bone marrow. What if we learn to bring back our primitive ancestors. Find a planet for them to live on and watch evolution happen all over again. We have enough history on evolution to understand the progressions, so what if we were in control? Like a Hollywood set, with enough props, scheming and resources of any kind we can bring this idea to life on another planet and call it another one of our simulations. What if all this is happening to us right now, and we are mere clones with our creators on another planet, observing our free will as a human species and watching us evolve.



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